Wednesday 9th November, plenary sub theme “achieving integration”. 

 Dr Jason Frank MD , MA(Ed) FRCP

Associate Director, Office of Education, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. 

Dr. Jason R. Frank is also the Director of Education in the Department of Emergency Medicine, University of Ottawa.  He is cross-appointed to the Faculty of Education, University of Ottawa and the Department of Graduate Studies, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education.

He obtained his MD from the University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine, and his FRCPC in Emergency Medicine at the University of Toronto.  He has a Masters of Education from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education.  

Dr. Frank has published and presented widely in medical education, where his research interests include:  competency-based education, faculty development, program evaluation, and curriculum development.  He is known for his work with the Royal College on the CanMEDS Project since 1994, on developing competency-based education, and as an award-winning teacher.  He is the founder of the International CBME Collaborators and the International Conference on Residency Education, and the developer of the new diplomas discipline category at the Royal College.  He was the 2005 EM Teacher of the Year in Canada, an honour awarded by the Canadian Association for Emergency Physicians (CAEP), the 2007 Meredith Marks new educator award winner from the Canadian Association for Medical Education (CAME), and a finalist for Canada’s Top 40 Under 40.

 Professor Steven Boyages

CEO of the Clinical Education and Training Institute, New South Wales.           

Professor Boyages will present his reflections on the experiences of New South Wales: moving from a PMC to an IMET to a CETI.

Professor Steven Boyages has recently been appointed as Chief Executive of the newly formed Clinical Education and Training Institute (CETI). Prior to this Professor Boyages was the Chief Executive initially for Western Sydney Area Health Service and in the last 5 ½ years as Chief Executive for Sydney West Area Health Service. He has professorial appointments to the University of Sydney and the University of Western Sydney. Professor Boyages  is a hybrid clinician CEO who is an endocrinologist and is a recognised thought leader in the development of health information systems that facilitate patient centred care. He chaired the State’s Electronic Health Record Program and was instrumental in the design and rollout of innovative Health Business Intelligence systems.  Professor Boyages previously was the foundation director of the Centre for Research and Clinical Policy in NSW Health in 1999. During that time he established the Priority Health Programs for chronic disease management; doubled the Research Infrastructure Grants Program; established the Quality Branch of NSW Health and was appointed as Clinical Advisor to the Director General to implement the Government Action Plan for Health Reform. He was previously the Director of Diabetes and Endocrinology at Westmead Hospital from 1990 to 1999. 


 Professor Simon Willcock

Professor Willcock is a general practitioner who has worked in both rural and urban NSW.  He is Discipline Head of General Practice at the University of Sydney, and Associate Dean for Postgraduate Medical Education and training in the Sydney Medical Program. His educational and research interests include musculoskeletal medicine, the health workforce and generational change in the medical workforce, and the health of doctors.

Professor Willcock is a past Director of the NSW Institute of medical Education and training (IMET),and is currently deputy Chair of the CPMEC. In addition he is Chair of General Practice Education and Training (GPET), a Commonwealth company that oversees general practice vocational training around Australia, and an Independent Director of Health Workforce Australia (HWA).


Professor Brendan Crotty

Professor Brendan Crotty is the Foundation Head of the Deakin School of Medicine.
He graduated from The University of Melbourne in 1979 and completed training in gastroenterology. He worked for two years in Oxford in the United Kingdom, where he developed a research and clinical interest in inflammatory bowel disease and then returned to the University of Melbourne Department of Medicine at the Austin and Repatriation Hospitals where he worked in general medicine and gastroenterology and was appointed as Director of Physician Training. In 1998 he was appointed Clinical Dean of the University of Melbourne Austin Health / Northern Health Clinical School. He is Chair of the Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria and the Confederation of Postgraduate Medical Education Councils.

Dr Crotty will be speaking on practical proposals to promote efficiencies in postgraduate training.